Everything we need to deliver an amazing project, all under one roof.

Advanced Coatings

Hardcoating can add years to the life span of any prop. Completely impact proof, UV stable and weather/chemical resistant. 

Airbrush Artistry

Bringing out the details of a scenic element is what airbrushing is all about. The gradients, fine lines, the parts that really make it ‘come alive’ all happen here.


Our goal is to make working with us as easy as possible. If you need assistance with installing our props we can go onsite and do it for you.

Advanced 7-Axis CNC

Extending over 14′ tall, our robots can mill with extreme precision on a variety of different materials. This works out well when a project requires sculpting that can’t occur with traditional hand sculpting techniques.

Electronics & Lighting

LED lighting, micro-controllers that detect motion and projection mapping are all elements that can make your project come alive.