Our Services

Our goal is to create the most engaging, EPIC themed prop possible to accomplish your specific goals. From increasing your online social media exposure using photo-op props to large scale design elements installed on top of a buildings, our services make it all happen.

Advanced Coatings

Increase the life of your prop and let us create something that will last for years, not months. Our hardcoating products are designed to be 100% weather and impact resistant and will last for years. 

World-Class Sculpting

Our in-house sculpting staff will take a basic block of foam and turn it into a sculpted master piece. 

Advanced Robotic CNC

 When extremely fine and intricate details are needed to be sculpted that can’t otherwise be accomplished using traditional manual human sculptors, our advanced 7-axis robot steps in. 

World Famous Air Brush Artistry

The final touch is paint. It’s where shadows, the fine lines and everything makes your prop come alive. Our in-house artists can create the most 

Concept & 3D Modelling

From digital to physical, our projects always start at this ‘blue sky’ phase. Taking your ideas, our recommendations and your business goals, we create drawings that get you excited about what’s possible. Once refined, we use this drawing as a base to contintually refer back to during the length of the project.


Onsite installation services are available for when you want us to take care of the finishing touches. Our team is able to fly where you need us.