Our Process 


This is where the handoff of the digital world meets the ‘I can hold it in my hands and it’s real’ reality. This is the time where things get really exciting. Your project is sent to our 3D mills and wire cutters to be sculpted, molded and refined.

Crating + Shipment

Well our work is done at this phase and we pack it up to be delivered to our awesome clients. Our account manager will be in touch with you every step of the way ensuring you receive your project!

VECTOR Hardcoating Applied

This phase involves applying our tough coat to the foam and letting it dry. A VECTOR hard coat protects the props from being damaged by rain, sun, snow, sleet and pretty much anything else (except for an act of God…we can’t control that).


If you’re short on time and need assistance with installation, we’re here for you. Our installation teams are able to travel where ever the project takes them.

Hand Painting & Detail Work

Handing painting begins by our experienced air brushing and brush artists. It’s the details that make a project and we put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into every project we do.


The first step is the most important. We work with our clients to discover what the ultimate goal is of the project and what needs to be achieved to be successful.

Previsualization Design

Creating concept art, 3D models and other pre-visualization requirements is under taken. We want to be sure we’re all on the same page and that there are no surprises. No one likes surprises!

Design & Engineering

We take concepts designed in pre-visualization and develop 3D models, color combinations, LED lighting layouts, and much more. We work on adding support structures (where necessary), audio features…the list goes on.