Our Vectorwrx Hard Coat is designed to provide the ultimate protection for your project.

When your project needs to be protected from the elements including rain/snow/sun/guests touching it/pushing it, you name it…you need our Vectorxwrx Tough Coat. Designed to provide a smooth or rough type finish, our product can seal and protect foam, MDF, and practically any other material.

Vectorwrx Tough Coat – Level

Designed to protect your investment, the Level product coats and protects unlike any other coating material. Designed to last and keep your investment looking good!

Vectorwrx Tough Coat – Fire Rated

When your project requires a fire rated coating then VFX Tough Coat – Fire Rated gets the job done. The coating applied has more texture then the Level product due to addition of the FR additives, but the finished product is always amazing.