Our Capabilities

Organic Hand Sculpting

Carved by our Master Crafters

When it comes to organic shapes nothing can beat the speed of a master sculpture artist. Our in-house team can work on everything from 15 ft tall headless horseman to 12 ft long tongues to everything in between.

Robotic 7-Axis Milling

When Accuracy is Required

Our new 7 Axis CNC robotic arm can create pieces up to 17 ft tall and 14 ft wide in one run.  Besides foam, we can cut wood, aluminum and metal, all within +/- 0.003 tolerances. This bot adds a full line of capabilities to our shop.

Digital Printing

55" Single Sheet Print Capacity

Large vinyl prints over 55″ are capable on our large format printers. From display vinyl to floor decals to window displays.


Detail Air Brushing

Detailed airbrushing, highlighting and more, we can make the finished props absolutely pop. Our painters are world class and capable of achieving the highest detail imaginable.

3D Scanning

Easily Enlarge the Smallest of Items

We’re able to take an item as small as 1/8″ and perform highly detailed scans allowing us to enlarge it to whatever size you like.¬†

VFX Tough Coat

Perfect Protection for Props

Our VFX Tough Coat when applied creates an unparalled barrier of protection. Offered in a Fire Rated (FR) and non-fire rated version, once applied, it offers an encapsulation that protects the prop from weather, abuse and normal wear and tear. Most of our props use this protective coating.

Electronics Integrations

LEDS to Custom Arduino Programming and Development

Let our electronics engineers take your project to the next level. Audio, video and software development are just a few of the custom entertainment options we’re able to provide.¬†