3D Formwork

Creating complex multi-curved concrete components can be accomplished using our advanced milling services.  Utilizing the large high accuracy robotics, we are able to produce complex components faster and at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. This workflow ultimately allows for the construction of customized, free-form, on-site concrete structures without the need for complex formwork

100% Custom
Utilizing CAD and 3D modeling, we are able to produce any complex shape out of EPS foam.

Higher Accuracy
Utilizing 7-axis robotics higher accuracy and faster turn arounds times are achieved.

Project: LaGuardia Airport

We were contracted by a large concrete furniture manufacturer to develop hundreds of concrete forms that were both complex in design but also required an extremely fast turnaround.

How we did it:
Utilizing our 7-axis robot coupled with advanced 3D modeling techniques, we were able to run our robots 16+ hrs a day resulting in complex molds being delivered on time and on-budget. Each mold consisted of 4 pieces that when assembled, created a single form that would be cast. Each mold needed to handle multiple pulls requiring a durable hard coated surface to be applied.

The client was happy and the airport loved the finished product.