We where honored to take part in a very rapid build for the Magic Wheelchair foundation. With the Seattle Emerald City Comic-Con fast approaching, Magic Wheelchair reached out to us to see if we were able to help a kiddo with a quick build. The initial scope was too big and after some tweaking we widdled it down to something we could pull off, and quickly. We took it on and in under a week, were able to create something quite amazing….a full on demagorgon that could attach to Kiley’s chair!

The build started off with a simple 3D design that we quickly adjusted to work in for a layout for a wheelchair. Knowing that the demagorgon had to be BIG, we had to figure out the pose that made the most sense.


After we decided on the post, we set out to start cutting the beast on our new 7-axis robot, Zoe. Zoe did fast work of the initial body, quickly cutting out the main section so we could send it to our sanding dept. In about 10 minutes, the part was cut and we were off to the races.


After our rough cut for the main body, we started the process of cutting the demagorgons arms! These things were massive!


After the arms and body was cut, we quickly glued them together…

After the glue set we moved the beast over to our hard coating area of the shop where we applied a good solid coating of Vector Tough Coat. This demagorgon would stand up to abuse!


After the hard coat cured we moved him over to our priming and painting area….he was getting close to getting wrapped up.

…and more paint gets applied. Time to apply lots of layers. This demagorgon needs to look scary!


The upside down…meet the demagorgon!