We produce a lot of giant foam props for tradeshows, casinos, theme parks and many other industries.

Foam props are designed to be lightweight, portable and strong. Supporting someones weight is an important aspect, along with determining how they’ll be using the prop.

There are a lot of initial questions that go into determining what type of prop you may need. The more the needs can be defined the better overall prop.

Here are a few questions we ask clients:

  • Will they be sitting on it for long periods of time?
  • Standing next to it?
  • Touching the top of it?
  • Walking around it or flat against a wall?
  • What areas will need to be protected more than others (less of a hardcoat means you save more $$)

Whether it be large 26 ft tall Poseidon statues or 5 ft tall gummi bears, what we can produce is only limited by your imagination.


We’re able to work within confined areas and maximize the usage of space.