What are the benefits of using foam?
Foam is one of those amazing materials that provide a variety of benefits for theming projects. Foam is light weight, easy to sculpt and extremely versatile. 

Light Weight
EPS Foam (expanded polystyrene) comes in a few different densities. You can think of densities as being how many small foam beads are packed into a square inch. The more beads that are packed together, the greater the overall weight but the more detail that can be captured. We typically use 1 lb EPS for the majority of most props.

Easy to Sculpt
Foam itself is extremely easy to sculpt. Using basic tools such as sanding pads, a hot knife or a rasping pad, you can remove a lot of material quickly. 

Foam can be used for wall panels, large props, ceiling elements, practically anything you can think of. Once hardcoated, the foam is encapsulated allowing it to be protected from fires, wind, rain and practically anything else mother nature can throw at it.