Our Imagination Unleashed Process

Step 1: Discovery

We learn about your project, what your unique needs are, what the project needs to accomplish to be successful and much more.

Step 3: Production

This is where imagination meets the physical space. We get to work on sculpting, fabricating and actually creating.

Step 5: Painting/Detail

Air brush work, base coats...the work at this phase helps to make the project come alive.

Step 2: Concepts

We take the ideas from the discovery process and create illustrations, concepts, 3D models and even mini sculptures that will help to define what the project can ultimately look like.

Step 4: Hard Coatings

This phase involves applying our Vector Hard Coat to the foam. This protective barrier protects the prop from being damaged.

Step 6: Installation

Based upon the size of the project, we are able to assist with onsite project installation.