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How It’s Made: Escape Rooms

The Concept Begins

From the ground up.

We were approached by the client to design and install two large escape rooms. Each install would consists of 3 unique rooms, all connected to one another. Beyond this requirement, the rest was up to us to create, concept, fabricate and install. 

Each of the two installations would take place in a large resort that would need to handle thousands of guests going through the escape room annually.

This concept phase required us to produce:

  • The overall storyline
  • Concept drawings of what each room would look like
  • Puzzle design (how guests would solve them, how difficult would it be, how would they be controlled, etc).
  • Time allotment per room (how much time per guest would need to be alloted to solve the puzzle).
  • Audio engineering (what background music and audio overlay would need to be created, what would the overall ‘feel’ of the rooms be)
  • Lighting design (dark, light, what would light up when and for how long)
  • Video/mic placement (how would the game directors see what’s going on, how would they communicate with the guests to let them know hints, etc)
The massive build-out starts

Lots of foam, hardcoat and paint.

The process of building two escape rooms at the same time is a massive undertaking. Because the client needed needed to have the rooms open up to guests at each resort so close to one another, it required all components to be fabricated at the same time. This mean using our CNC machine for over 60 days strait and working non-stop to deliver t