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Foam Props for Trade Shows, Events, Theme Parks

We design a lot of props for organizations looking to make a big splash at a trade show, large events as well as theme parks.

Here at Vectorwrx, we take on a variety of projects with each one having it’s own unique requirements. Some projects will simply be a large foam sculpture while others will require foam mixed with a steel armature and coated in a special Vectorwrx hard-coat. Every project is unique.

When looking at foam props for example, foam by itself isn’t incredibly strong. Sure, you can stand on it, but it can easily get dinged and worn out by simply kicking with your foot or brushing up against it with your leg. Foam has to be hard coated to retain some form of rigidity that will make the prop survive either indoors out outside in harsh weather/environments.

Trade Shows
  • Product Replicas
  • Large Foam Letters
  • Photo-op Props
  • Booth Wraps
Special Events
  • Decorative Elements
  • Large Props