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Goodbye VFX, hello Vectorwrx

You may have noticed a few changes on our site….mainly the name of VFX Foam to Vectorwrx Studios. Why the name change? Well we were often contacted primarily (and rightly so) for foam specific products. With ‘foam’ being in the VFX Foam brand for over 3 years, it gave our clients a very limited scope of what our capabilities truly were. What we provide far exceeds just foam…foam is only one step of the process of creating a truly amazing prop.

Besides foam, use a variety of other materials. HDU (high density urethane), XPS (another form of foam), MDF (particle board), hard woods, light metals and much more. We’re able to cast resins, create molds…the list goes on. We can even incorporate electronics!

By changing our name we can better reflect what we truly can bring to the table for our clients….a full fledged creative studio that can truly deliver on our promise, imagination unleashed.

Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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